Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On the subject of Beer

I currently have an Irish Red in the secondary fermentor. I would post the recipe but my program was a trial and the payment site is being stupid, as is paypal. Moving on. The Irish Red is my 5th batch and in my error I used the priming bucket to measure my gallon marks. Big pickle bucket with decal markings, probably mass produced means inaccurate measurements. Long story short, this will be a true Irish Red as the projected ABV was 5.5% and the actual ABV was measured at 7.9% Go me for undercutting the water in the recipe. Moral of the story, break out the measuring cups and get an accurate marking by gallon for 5 gallons.

When doing something that requires precise measurements, use a proven gauge; don't wing it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

It begins

I figured it was time to start passing on the wisdom I have accumulated over the past few decades (read as warn you against my mistakes). This blog will be a collection of tips and tricks learned the hard way or passed on from friends and family. It will contain discovered recipes that any person who can't cook to save their lives can reproduce successfully (challenge accepted f7u12). There will be a recurring section pertaining to home brewing beer, as well as reviews of my own creations and helpful links to the neophyte brewer and the experienced alike.  I hope to inform as well as entertain. I doubt this will be daily, possibly weekly but definitely at least one post a month. So, introduction done, I guess I should work on the first real post. See you shortly.