Monday, August 15, 2011

Some random musings

My father in law gave me an old "beer fridge," basically the tallest minifridge. It's perfect for a fermentation chamber. Looks like I'll be doing my first lager in this thing. If I can get a second one I'll get two going.

My employing department's chair has commissioned me to help him build a stand alone green house in a refrigerator for a specific cold weather plant that he still hasn't told me the name of. It'll be an interesting project and if I'm lucky I'll find a way to patent the design.

Gnarlyhead vineyards has earned my seal of approval recently with this one admission. Granted they are in California, they must have southern roots. "The word “Barbecue” is often misused. When cooking steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers on the gas grill it is called grilling. Barbecue is slow-cooking meat (over charcoal or wood) at a low temperature for long periods of time…sauce or dry rub? Your choice!"

Got the square foot gardening enclosure built. The wife wants to use it for herbs (which I support fresh herbs for cooking) but part of me wishes we were staying in this house for another 5 years so I could plant some hops.

Work fookage has taught me that it is possible to get put into a position of power and authority without really knowing how to do your damned job. I mean how hard is it to use the programs available to update the budgets of all of your grant holders? They shouldn't have to wait two days to get their numbers while you break out the abacus. An employee shouldn't have to wait a month to get paid from a FUBAR on your part. In the same vein, said employee should be able to get a response from you regardless if you answered said question in another email. Ignoring employees with payroll questions is not acceptable. FLSA complaint incoming.

School is starting soon and ROTC PT has reminded me that being lazy in the summer hurts when school starts up. I should have been working out all summer.

That's it for now. Leave suggestions of topics you wish me to muse on. Tell your friends, that you think need a straight answer, about the blog. I think next post will be about my attempt to change my shocks and small engine repair on my weedeater.

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