Thursday, October 17, 2013

Manly lists and the like

 I’ve noticed, on more than one occasion, random men’s articles will publish their “100 things every man should know how to do.” Or “top 50 things to do before you die,” well, here’s mine. It’s similar to all the others and really I wanted to see what things I’ve remembered.

Clothing and Appearance:
Know how to tie a standard necktie with at least 3 different knots
Know how to tie a bow-tie
Iron/starch a shirt/pants
Sew on a button/hem your slacks
Shape your facial hair no matter how minimal or excessive it may be
Shave with a straight razor or safety razor.
Match your leathers (belt and shoes) to compliment your wardrobe
Know the difference between Hounds tooth, Herringbone, and Glen Plaid.
Know when and how to wear a variety of gentlemen’s hats.
Shine shoes.
Maintain leather (belts)
Properly wear and use a pocket watch
Three piece suit (nuff said)

Wire a light fixture
Split firewood
Start a fire
Cook on a campfire
Climb a tree
Pitch a tent
Change a wall switch
Change a thermostat controller
Brew your own beer
Hang,, tape, mud, drywall.
Paint (walls, trim, furniture)
Change a flat
Change your oil
Maintain your vehicle fluid levels
Change your brakes/rotors
Shoot a firearm
Field-strip and clean said firearm
Know the difference between calibers and NATO ratings of ammunition
Dig an irrigation/flood control ditch
Swim 100 meters
Turn your clothing into a floatation device
Administer minor first aid
Administer the Heimlich
Wrap a sprain
Stabilize a possible spinal/neck injury in prep for medical attention
Stabilize someone going into shock
Change a diaper
Dominate a canine
Cook (period)
Wash your own clothing
Sharpen a blade (knife, axe, razor)
Maintain control of a vehicle in hydroplane
Maintain control of a vehicle drifting on ice
Weld with a stick welder/tig welder
Purify water
Take a tequila shot, straight
Same with whiskey
Replace your under sink plumbing
Replace the guts of your toilet
Unhook a bra, one-handed
Please a woman
Open a bottle of champagne without making it pop (seriously it does make a difference in the flavor)
Mix a variety of basic cocktails

Granted this collection is not complete, I can expound on almost all of them. There are some that just shall not be published as its none of your damned business. Enjoy.

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